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Patient Interactions. Made "Amazon" Easy.
A single mobile app experience for all your digital services.
Better Experience
Patients convieniently access all your digital services, regardless of vendor, through a single app.
Better Engagement
Accelerate the use of your digital services. With the simple snap of a picture, patients can pay ANY healthcare bill from ANY healthcare provider.
Easy Implementation
Your app is ready! We require NO systems integration or changes to existing payment workflow.
Deliver great patient experiences from a single app

Our mobile app platform allows providers to brand, aggregate and deliver ALL their digital services from ONE PLACE regardless of vendor. (i.e. payment, scheduling, patient portals, virtual visits, etc.).

  • Engage patients quicker in your digital services, and get paid faster.
  • Streamline patient access for ALL your digital services into a single app experience.
  • Prominently place your brand on your patients most used device.
  • Provide a highly satisfying mobile experience that easily adapts as your digital services expand.
The fastest and most convenient way for patients to access your digital services.
Drive engagement with the snap of a picture

Give your patients the payment experience they want but don't know they can have. Patients can pay, track and manage ALL their healthcare bills in ONE PLACE by simply taking a picture of the bill and selecting their preferred method of payment.

  • Pays ALL healthcare bills from ANY healthcare provider.
  • Tracks and manages ALL payments in ONE PLACE.
  • Delivers fast, hassle free HSA card reimbursements.
  • Helps caregivers pay and keep records of bills for loved ones.
Empower your patients to pay you faster, while reducing your costs.
Guaranteed, the quickest and easiest implementation you will ever experience!
No matter where you are on the digital services journey, we help you make sense of it all. Getting started is easier than you might expect, requiring NO systems integration or changes to existing payment workflows. Our mobile platform meets the strictest HIPAA and PCI compliance standards, while delivering a highly satisfying mobile experience that easily adapts as digital services expand.


A single app experience that includes core features like pay-by-picture, as well as access links to all of your other digital services.


A branded app that includes our basic features plus integrated access to ALL your digital services through a single username and password.

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